Saturday, March 4, 2017
Mad Gardener’s Symposium: Just Plain Gorgeous! In Drought or Deluge


All New England gardeners have struggled with fluctuating temperatures and sporadic rain quantities, and as these patterns become more extreme we are all searching for design and plant ideas we can implement to help our gardens not only endure, but dazzle. Recognizing this conundrum, the Mad Gardeners brought together some of the best horticultural minds in the industry to offer proven design techniques and gorgeous plant options to help us attain this goal.

Kicking off this event is Pennsylvania-based landscape designer, author and photographer, Rick Darke, who will illustrate his experiences with water conserving designs through dozens of tantalizing images. Rick has studied and photographed North American plants for nearly 40 years and his passion and knowledge are sure to inspire.

Many native shrubs can be beautiful additions to our landscapes, providing seasons of interest without hours of maintenance and pampering. Jessica Lubell, Associate Professor of Horticulture at the University of Connecticut, will share many of her favorites, such as Aronia,Diervilla, Myrica and Spiraea, and explain the potential of those that can be used in even the most difficult landscapes.

Landscape expert, Pamela Berstler, who grew up in Pennsylvania, now lives in one of the most water-challenged areas of California yet she doesn’t let that stop her from creating stunning landscapes. Using the Watershed Approach, she will explain how choosing appropriate plants and utilizing strategies to manage rainwater and other resources will promote sustainable gardens in the face of climate change.

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Photos below (and the one above right) are courtesy of: RICK DARKE LLC, Landscape Ethics - Contextual Design - Photography, 526 Chambers Rock Road, Landenberg, PA 19350  •

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