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Visit the links below for more information on Mile-A-Minute vine, other invasive species, plant identification, biological controls, native species and more.

Mile-A-Minute Vine:

University of Connecticut Mile-A-Minute web site:

Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team 2008 publication "Biology and Biological Control of Mile-A-Minute Weed" (15.6Mb):

2009 summary with photos by Carole Cheah of the CT Agricultural Experiment Station "Biological Control of MAM in CT" (4.5Mb):

University of Delaware web site on Biological Control of Mile-A-Minute Weed:

The Mile-a-Minute Project of the Hudson Valley: Bear Mountain State Park, Trailside Museums and Zoo

More Information on Other Invasives:


Garlic Mustard — identification and control video:

Japanese Knotweed — "Controlling Knotweed in the Pacific Northwest" (2.3Mb):

More Information on NATIVE & Invasive SPECIEs:

Delaware Department of Agriculture Publication "Mistaken Identity? Invasive Plants and their Native Look-Alikes" (7Mb):

Lepidopteran Use of Native & Alien Ornamental Plants web site:

"Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants" by Douglas Tallamy
web site: