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Please feel free to printout any of the following downloadable pdf files to use as a reference or to help educate your friends and neighbors. If you would like flyers or postcards mailed to yo, please contact Angela Dimmitt, Mad Gardeners, PO Box 146, Sherman, CT 06784 or email:

Learn To Spot MAM - 11x17 Poster

Learn To Spot MAM
(click on the image to download)

Postcard showing plant details

mile-a-minute postcard
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Map showing known mile-a-minute in Connecticut
updated End-of-Year 2009

mile-a-minute map
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Bridgewater/New Milford/Roxbury Roadmap
showing M-A-M populations
updated End-of-Year 2011

Does not include newly discovered population in Woodbury.

mile-a-minute roadmap
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Article from Weed Technology 2005

Intriguing World of Weeds
Mile-A-Minute: An increasingly Problematic Invasive Species

by Virender Kumar and Antonio DiTommaso (Cornell University)

This 7 page article (provided here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) provides detailed information and refernces about Mile-A-Minute Vine.

Click to download:   kumar.pdf

NEW! - Brochure from Dutchess County, NY

mile-a-minute in New York
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The Habitat—Winter 09 issue

Mile-A-Minute Vine Spreading Rapidly in Connecticut
an article from
The Habitat—Winter 09 issue
A newsletters of the Connecticut Association of Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commissions

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